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Loan Criteria | The Funding Link Loan Criteria

The Funding Link offers a wide range of financing solutions to borrowers in many types of businesses, across different industries, and in various situations. We understand that all transactions are unique to a specific business and situation. The Funding Link excels at structuring custom solutions; however, there are common lending parameters to consider which are as follows:
    Size: $250,000 - $5 Million, with ability to syndicate more.
    Term: Varies, based on need
    Rate: Based on borrower circumstances
    Structure: Revolving, term, and discount credit facilities
    Security: Fully secured by collateral such as accounts receivable, inventory, equipment, and real estate.
    Management: Credible management team that is experienced in the industry and financially committed to the business.
    Business Plan: Must have a viable business model that allows the company to achieve forecasted results and provides liquidity for repayment either directly or through refinancing potential.
If The Funding Link's loan criteria look right for your transaction, please contact us or go to Looking For Financing to submit your contact information. We will review your needs quickly to determine how we can help.